Autoclaves for Rubber Goods Vulcanization

The experience and the technology that IROP uses for these autoclaves, make them able to meet the needs of the various Users and solve specific problems regarding the goods vulcanization. IROP production includes:
  • Autoclaves, direct steam type: heating and pressurization made by the inlet of saturated steam into the autoclave.  This method permits to vulcanize a lot of rubber assuring a very good thermal exchange making use of the heat given up by condensation together a temperature uniformity that normally fluctuates from – 1 to +1 °C
  • Autoclaves, electrical type: heating made by electric heaters and pressurization by inlet of pressurized air.  The temperature uniformity and the thermal exchange are obtained by internal recirculation of the air making use of an electro blowing fan.  In this case is possible to regulate both temperature and pressure separately.
  • Autoclaves, steam heating or indirect thermal oil: heating made by steam or thermal oil running into a coil that, on its turn, heats the pressurized air put in circulation by an electro blowing fan.  The regulation characteristics are similar to those of the electric autoclaves.

If required, is possible to make the cooling phase of the goods contained into the autoclave by a suitable coil which cooling fluid can be regulated by controlled modulating valves.

Each process is controlled by PLC-PC or PLC-TOUCH-SCREEN in very reliable way by the operative system that IROP specially developed.
It is possible to make the supervision of the system, record the trends, file the data for their findability, visualize the working during the cycle and operate in real time on the process data, also automatically, both directly and on-line by office PC.

All the autoclaves can be supplied with semiautomatic loading/unloading system, suitably developed to satisfy the customers’ expectatives.

The photo on the side shows a loading/unloading system, movable truck type, used to vulcanize rubber pipes on bobbins.

The below photos show some other building solutions in the
rubber sector.

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