Vessel & Propelling

Vessels and Propelling Vessel

Thanks to their great experience acquired in so long time of activity, IROP can offer a technical-design advice able to build vessels according with the specifications indicated on the drawing making use of qualified technicians and workers, top quality materials and equipments that are in van of working and finish.

Informing IROP on dimensions, capacity of the vessels and of all the explicative data and specifications you required, our Technicians will can build the exactly vessel that satisfy the specific requirements of your working, according with the delivery time you’ll indicate.

For any information or quotation you need, don’t exitate to contact IROP also using the web site, where you’ll can find the form to be filled in to receive our prompt replay.

Below, some examples of the vessels typology built by IROP

Vessel working without pressure

The photo on the side shows a vessel used from the part of preserved food industries to package tomato’s tins under vacuum.

This vessel, in carbon steel, was built strictly in accordance with the design drawing, making use of welders qualified by EN 288-3.  After the assembling, it was made a numerical control milling of the welded couplings, as the mechanization of the process requires very strict tolerances

Pressure vessel (propelling vessel)

The propelling vessel indicated on the picture, usually named Transporter, is a pressure vessel with an important capacity and constitutes the main component of the pneumatic line with high pressure with a different density product flux.

It is certificated according with Directive 2014/68 UE – PED and designed in accordance with the application of the pneumatic transport process and normally pressurized from 1 to 6 bar. The transported products can be abrasive and heavy as siliceous sands, feldspar, glass scrap, alumina, vitrifiable mixtures, etc. or brittle products as dextrose, resins, hazel-nuts, blown rice, etc. For more informations, fill in the form in section: contacts