Autoclaves “ecoenergy” for Tyres Cold Retreading

IROP, always attentive to the technological improvement of its machines, in recent years, has paid particular attention to the environment and to reduce energy consumption. After a careful research, has developed a new line of quick closing autoclaves for tyres cold vulcanization our B-type “Energy Saving”.

The salient features are a reduction of the weight of the main members in carbon steel making use of high-strength materials, the improvement of the outer insulation materials at high density compared to the old type autoclaves, reducing the heat losses to the outside of about 25%, optimization of autoclave internal temperature regulation, increasing the pressurized hot air recirculation velocity, obtaining a better distribution of heat on the tires to be vulcanized.

It is thus obtained a reduction of energy consumption by about 30% for each vulcanization cycle compared to previous autoclaves type B/E Standard in production till 31.12.2011. If in fact, if before, a cycle** at full load had a total energy consumption of about 135 kW, now the consumption was reduced to about 96 kW.

Surely the effort that IROP made to contain costs has been awarded and rewarded by the great satisfaction expressed by our Customers.

** Referring to an autoclave type B/E.24 at full load with tyres 12.00-20

  • The heating systems can be by a mixture of air and steam, hot air with steam coil, hot air with electric heaters or in combination with electric heaters and steam coil.
  • The functioning type depends on the type of rebuilding that you want to do, that is by direct steam, with tube and envelope under vacuum, with tube and envelope under differentiated pressure and, double envelopes under vacuum, double envelope under differentiated pressure.
  • Other characteristic components are the electro blowing fan, the device for temperature and pressure controls, the safety systems (direct and indirect, manual and automatic), the vacuum pump and the differentiated pressure control if necessary.

    These autoclaves are tested according to Directive 2014/68 UE – PED, using the VSR Collection for the design; on customer request, other homologations by the main testing Bodies.

Air Circulation System

Uniformity of air temperature inside the autoclave, with 6 thermocouples + /- 2.5 ° C

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Autoclaves for Tyres Cold Retreading

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