Oven For Composites Materials

F-HT ovens, built with various dimensions according with Customer’s “specifications”, are used for the polymerization of some components in the aerospace field. The ovens are characterized by significant innovative solutions including:

· modular structure, with easy extension for future work
· it doesn’t need to be built in or walled
· multiple ventilation system and with variable
speed according with the goods to treat
· temperature survey system in the room for the adjustment,
resulting from the average of probes TCK, uniformly
· choice of the regulation in the air or in cascade (the air
heats or cools according with the temperature required by
the “samples)
· selection of operating vacuum lines
· automatic Via Vent for each vacuum line selected

· testing of the vacuum bag seal during the polymerization cycle
· “off-cycle” testing of the vacuum bag seal before the polymerization cycle start
· modularity of the type of heating: electric or by thermal oil (thermal boiler excluded)
· internal cleaning systems of the air into the oven after the polymerization cycle
· low temperature of the outer walls (30 ° C) ; thermal points excluded
· double cooling system with small or large water delivery
· IROP operative system, last generation type (PLC and PC), with the possibility of remote control by Ethernet and of interactive supervision by Internet