Autoclaves for Composite Materials 'eco-energy'

Reliability and versatility distinguish IROP quick closing autoclaves, A type, from long time, making them indestructible in the time.

After a careful research, IROP has developed a new line of quick closing autoclaves for composite materials polymerization type “A” with “Energy Saving” obtaining a reduction of energy consumption for each cycle of polymerization of about 20%;  see technical sheet in documents list.

A particular attention to the new interactive software that permits to control the processing cycle from our Works by Internet on Ethernet net of the Plant; it is also possible to do it from users’ home using facilitated and driven procedures.

The new Supervision Software can be integrated in the new production control by bar code that consent to individuate every parts in the various processing phases (building / finish / delivery) and the definitive recording of the Polymerization Cycle into the autoclave, assuring the findability and the quality of the same part.

Another boast of IROP is the great technical ability of their staff, able to satisfy the users’ requests in a very short time and solve the various problems every days in a week, 24/24 hours. Usually, the assistance technical intervention is made within the successive 24 hours from the request (holidays included).

Autoclave for automotive sector D.2800mm L.8000mm
IROP autoclaves, built in different size according with Customer’s specifications, are used for the polymerization process for components of AUTOMOTIVE, AERONAUTICAL-AEROSPACE, NAVAL, SPORT, RESEARCH sectors.

Heating and Cooling

Normally the polymerization cycle is made in pressurized air; its heating can be:
– electrical with regulators, static relays type or phase control
– by diathermal oil with oil inlet modulation in the exchange circuit of the autoclave.
The cooling of the pressurized fluid in the autoclave occurs with modulation of the water inlet in the exchange circuit (water to loose or closed circuit with cooling tower).
The temperature and pressure detecting takes place by pressure transducers and thermocouples “J” or “K” type respectively.

Bags Control System

Each autoclave is equipped with units with suction lines that make the vacuum into the bags that contain the goods to be polymerized.  Each line is complete with a suction automatic valve and a “via vent” valve, and a survey intake connected both to a vacuum gauge and to a pressure transmitter.
When the bags are introduced into the autoclave, the chosen line will have to be abilitated from a software page, making a pre-set of vacuum to verify their tightness.

Irop Operative System

This system, specially developed, consisting of:
– PLC complete with input and output cards, digital and analogical
– WinccFlexible software with files and Web protocol
– Videographic industrial PC, in colour, Touch-Screen type, with USB input to discharge the data in case of emergency.
– Regulators for max pressure and max temperature block with their dedicated sensors
– Interactive software to control the autoclave operative system from our Works on LAN net
This system consents to memorize the processing cycle, visualize and operate on the process data in real time, file the data to be findable, control the cycle automatically.

Air Circulation System


Autoclaves for Composite Materials 'eco-energy'

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