Autoclave for Impregnation Treatment

IROP builds autoclaves for impregnation treatment, particularly used in the electromechanical and electronic sectors and for wood processing.
This treatment is used to assure the perfect impregnation of the product using suitable resins or similar compounds, making vacuum and pressure cycles alternately.
These autoclaves, built with different size according to Customer’s specifications and certificated according to Directive 2014/68 UE – PED, are designed in accordance with VSR Collection. On Customer request, different certifications with the main Control Boards.

In the wood industry, particularly for soft wood as pine and spruces, the impregnation into the autoclave is used to protect the wood against external agents as fungus, mildews and rotteness. The impregnation into the autoclave occurs dipping the wood into saline solutions inside the autoclave and making vacuum and pressure phases alternatively. During the vacuum the air into the wood cells is eliminated permitting a deep penetration of the salts that are introduced into the autoclave with a certain pressure. Using tanks able to contain both the products and the saline solutions is possible to quick the process.

In the sector of electrical motors manufacture, the impregnation by resins betters the resistance of the insulation and the dielectric capacity; it can also create a barrier against the external impureness that otherwise could fit into the interstices.
Even in this case, the goods are put in suitable baskets and introduced into the autoclave to be undergone a first vacuum phase to eliminate the air that could be an obstacle for resin introduction.
After that, the resin is introduced; initially the vacuum is still maintained for a certain time, in a second phase occurs the pressurization by air that puts the resin into the interstices of the product.
During the last phase, the resin and the pressure are discharged from the autoclave.
The side photo shows an autoclave with a diameter of 1500 mm, designed for a pressure of -1/+7 bar and a maximum temperature of 100°C

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