Autoclaves for Glass Stratification

IROP autoclaves are used for the process of glass industrial stratification by PVB. The adhesive material (PVB), very thin, is placed among the various glass sheets (glass-PVB-glass) and, due to the combined actions of pressure and temperature, for some time, into the autoclave where at the beginning is made the vacuum, it obtains a sheet of different thickness, hardened and rugged.

To obtain a high quality product is very important both the temperature uniformity and the possibility to have a heating and cooling according with the strict specifications of this type of process.

Thanks to its technology, IROP can offer a product with a very high quality, both for the building and for the process control. This system, specially developed, consisting of a PLC, complete with input and output cards, digital and analogical, a videographic industrial PC in colour, Touch-Screen type, with USB input to discharge the data in case of emergency.
This system consents to memorize productive cycles, visualize and operate the process data in real time, store data to be findable, control the cycle automatically.

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