Drying equipment

Drying equipment

IROP drying equipments are used in various industrial sectors, as for example for a quick and uniform drying of paints and resins in the windings of electric motors.

Into the vessel, the drying is made in two phases:
– firstly, the goods are heated by the process air, heated by a series of electric heaters; this air is put in circulation by a fan.
Then, into the chamber is made the vacuum to suck in the residual air into the goods.

Automatic working, controlled by control panel. The drying equipment is completed by various accessories.

The drying equipments, supplied by the manufacturer completely assembled and tested, are built according to the Standard in force and, in particular, to the European Directive

The side photo shows an equipment for motors drying.
Can be distinguished:

  • Vessel Ø 1200 mm and useful length 2000 mm, complete with control panel
  • Vacuum suction unit complete with control panel
  • Electrostatic cleaner for the sucked steams

Technical characteristics:

  • Vessel in carbon steel internally covered by special paint
  • Power 70 kW, 380 V, 50 Hz
  • Residual vacuum degree 30 mbar
  • Max temperature 100°C
  • Suction water delivery 16 litres/h