Autoclaves for Cork Treatment

Thanks to their long design and constructive experience, IROP built an autoclave able to speed the cork preservation process.

By pressure and temperature cycles, is possible the elimination of eventual fungus and mildews, the extraction of tannins, the irreversible expansion of the cells and the pores restriction, increasing the material elasticity.

This process is controlled by a PLC complete with input and output cards, digital and analogical, by a videographic industrial PC, in colour, Touch-Screen type with USB input to discharge the data in case of emergency, by regulators for max pressure and max temperature block with their dedicated sensors and by an interactive software to control the autoclave operative system from our Works on LAN net.

A suitable loading system consents to put both cork sheets and stoppers into the autoclave.

The side photo shows a rotating vessel for cork stoppers treated in controlled atmosphere (0,4 bar max) with sulphurous dioxide (SO2) by automatic slow agitation.
The control system allows to make the vacuum into the vessel, then to introduce the sulphurous dioxide with times and ways according to the digital regulator, adjustable manually.
A gate equipped with accident-prevenction sensors makes this equipment accessible during the maintenance.
This autoclave, marked “CE”, is arranged as monoblock to make easy the movement during its unloading and location.

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