Autoclaves for Ceramic Tests

IROP builds quick closing autoclaves and multiple closing autoclaves for laboratory, self-steam producer, to make technological tests on ceramic and similar materials requested to determine their quality. So they are fully utilized in many sectors of the ceramic and manufacturing industries in general. The use of materials of high quality previously strictly tested, the wildings carefully made by qualified welders and inspected by X Rays and non destructive tests and the attention for every building details, consent to our autoclaves to satisfy the Operators from many times.

The IROP autoclave, L/E type, self-steam producer, makes programmed pressure cycles. It can also make cooling cycles by dipping in water and preventer cycle under vacuum. The steam produced by the electric heaters in water, surrounds the goods put into the autoclave, reaching the wanted pressures and relative temperatures according to the testing specifications. The testing specifications are often codified in international Standards and concerning the calculation of the resistance to the cracking in ceramic products and the water absorption in porous materials.

The autoclave is also equipped with safety devices for pressure and temperature that safeguard the machine safety; these devices block the cycle and discharge all the pressure.

Autoclave with quick closing system

The autoclave is also complete with:

  • Pneumatic cylinder for cover lifting
  • Pneumatic valve for water inlet
  • Pneumatic valve for pressure discharge
  • Manual valve for vacuum suction
  • Manual valve for cooling water discharge
  • Probe for water level
  • Devices requested for the safety

The autoclaves are designed and built according to Directive 2014/68 UE – PED and marked “CE”

Autoclave with multiple closing system

Technical Schedule

Autoclaves for Ceramic Tests With Quick Closing

Technical Schedule

Autoclaves for Ceramic Tests With Multiple Closure

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