Specialized in the building of quick closing autoclaves

IROP, company specialized in the building of quick closing autoclaves, starts its activity in 1956, building for petrochemical industry, then, from the beginning of 1960 years, it’s specialized in the building of pressure vessels and, in particular, of quick closing autoclaves, equipments used in various industrial applications.

IROP is homologated by the main Testing European Control Boards.

The long experience in the building of pressure vessels, sustained from the care of every construction detail, the search of instruments and equipments completely reliable, allow IROP autoclaves to satisfy the expectations of all the clients.

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IROP designs, builds and tests all its pressure vessels, autoclaves, and other equipments according to Directive 2014/68 UE – PED.


Autoclaves for Composite Materials

IROP autoclaves, built in different size according with Customer’s specifications, are used for the polymerization process for components of AUTOMOTIVE, AERONAUTICAL-AEROSPACE, NAVAL, SPORT, RESEARCH sectors.

Autoclaves for Rubber Goods Vulcanization

The experience and the technology that IROP uses for these autoclaves, make them able to meet the needs of the various Users and solve specific problems regarding the goods vulcanization.

Autoclaves “EcoEnergy” for Tyres Cold Retreading

IROP, always attentive to the technological improvement of its machines, in recent years, has paid particular attention to the environment and to reduce energy consumption. After a careful research, has developed a new line of quick closing autoclaves for tyres cold vulcanization our B-type “Energy Saving”.

Autoclaves for Ceramic Tests

IROP builds quick closing autoclaves and multiple closing autoclaves for laboratory, self-steam producer, to make technological tests on ceramic and similar materials requested to determine their quality.

Autoclaves for Glass Stratification

IROP autoclaves are used for the process of glass industrial stratification by PVB. The adhesive material (PVB), very thin, is placed among the various glass sheets (glass-PVB-glass)

Autoclave for Impregnation Treatment

IROP builds autoclaves for impregnation treatment, particularly used in the electromechanical and electronic sectors and for wood processing.


IROP gives a special attention to after-sale service; our Technicians are at Customer’s disposal 24/24 hours and can be contacted by the office telephone, or mobile phone, fax, e-mail.